2017_The Tapestry In My Room

Going back and forth between collage and photography I play with the idea of illustrating the magic or the ungraspable. In an constantly evolving practice I like to renew the tools used to narrate my story and twist the truth here and there, the same way time distorts my memory.
More than ever in a global context of identity confusion and political blur I believe it is essential to celebrate our different origins and focus our practice on the foundation of our identity, whether it is as human or artist, and on an individual or collective scale.
Every layer of my collages becomes a period of my life, a person met, a language spoken, a place we lived in or a mood I was in.
Almost illustrating the tales we heard when we were kids I have now room to embellish some stories or rewrite the ones that made us sad. Constantly changing the background I force the stories and its characters to travel, the same way my family did, renewing again and again the setting we were evolving in. From all these changes one memory remains brighter than the others: the tapestry in my room at my grandmother's house.