Just like a cadavre exquis would assemble bits and pieces from my personality in an anarchic yet truthful flow, collage was an absolute certainty to me.
Mixing parts of worlds that are unknown to one another, I tried to make encounters between musical notes,as if I was writing a symphony about where I was from,and where I was going to. Growing up in a country such as Armenia doesn’t necessarily drive strong creative desire in younger ones and we are all being raised to fit our society standards and stick to what we know and think is good. Luckily enough I was surrounded by a vibrant community of active artists
and decided to lean towards new forms of media and designs keeping, however, my Armenian background as my signature, as my backpack.
Very inspired by Sergei Parajanov, I quite naturally started to assemble images, build collages bringing to life, my traditional background meeting my yearning
for the modern, the unknown. My series, Pomegranate is assembled as a tribute to the collages I have been familiar with since I was born, and one of the greatest movies of all times: The Color of Pomegranates.