2017_Infinite Travels
After a few years working on collages composed of different kind of archives, came to me the urge of working with my own material, to have full control of the narrative, with both the production of the material and later the composition made from it. Besides the idea of being fully in charge of the layering it was giving me the opportunity to emphasize my speech and fully illustrate my family’s migration. Cutting parts of pictures I had shot in the previous years, I started incorporating them in pictures I had taken more recently, hence making the elements travel in both time and space, but also building a silver lining in my work and a sort of conversation between my different projects. This loop in my visuals narrates the loop of migration and transmission and the way the memory of cultural heritage can go from one generation to another, and exist in new settings -sometimes very distant from its origins- allowing the encounter to create sometimes evident, sometime hectic or surprising results, just like integrating a new community can sometimes be quite difficult and unfitting and some other times quite smooth and the beginning or a new identity, multiple and enriched by the encounter.