2016 / Familiar Gestures
Gathering close-up of images found over the years and in various locations, this series highlights the universal aspect of family memory.
Families from different countries, social classes, religions are brought together in this visual puzzle. Going trough thousands of family photos, almost all initially printed in standard 10x15cm format, I started to spot and isolate gestures that seemed to be recurring. These hundreds of selected close up are nothing else than a wide collection of affection’s display. A sort of visual encyclopedia of PDA if you will. Now put into light, these little details almost unnoticeable at first, are revealed as expression of love, tenderness and comfort. The discreet body language of people surrounded by their loved ones.
Looking at colors, shapes and textures, these close up scanned in high resolution reveal another aspect of the picture, its condition Sometimes scratched, ripped or faded by the light, the images carry the history of time, though illustrating a timeless story. The image start to resemble a painting from which the paint starts to chip, illustrating the possible fading of the memory, on an individual or collective level.
Obsessed with the idea of a documentation of memory and the visualization of the trace of time, this project aligns with the rest of my practice, which by the systematical use of photographic archive, also questions authorship.