2015_Digital Communications
I was born in 1990, right at the outburst of new technologies and especially the arrival of Internet in most people’s lives. At this point, not only was technology attached to large corporation, it was actually knocking on everyone's door. All the sudden the World Wide Web and HTML were created (by Tim Berners-Lee), Emails and Instant Messaging were becoming extremely popular. In 1992 the first SMS text was sent, and in 1993 the first touchscreen smartphone was released. I was there, I was alive, and around me the world was living some of its most incredible and swift evolution: the rise of technology.
After billions of years of human evolution, science evolution, social revolutions, the technology evolution landed like a storm and wrecked everything around us and all we thought we knew about our possibilities of communication. Today, fifteen years later, technology is a the core of every conversation and new social medias are the key to every success whether it is professional or personal.
Often criticized for tearing people apart, for isolating youngsters in a digital, parallel, fake universe, we tend to forget what amazing, ground-breaking tool we now have to access infinite knowledge all over the globe. Even muzzled population in chaotic political and social context find ways to reach the chip, to communicate with the outside world.
We’re running fast, and although dizzying, this ascension to ultimate ways to evolve around and with each other takes our breath away and does not seem to be willing to stop.
We live the digital revolution. It is now on us to use these technologies wisely. And we may have satellites all over the galaxy, our part is to keep this 'analog' side of ourselves alive and stay down-to-earth.