2017 / Ongoing_Contemporary Archeology
What would we leave behind us if we were to disappear tomorrow? What kind of trace would we leave on earth and what our habits would say about us as a society? Have we changed so much since the beginning of civilization?
My family has always been obsessed with archive and ancient civilizations, always looking backwards, learning dead languages or fancying now irrelevant items. What about now and tomorrow? Our mass production has gone mad, and the advances in technology are going far over our head. Ironically we sometimes seem to be more comfortable with elements that are hundreds of years old rather than with items we currently produce.
What is now defining us if we need to be defined? Present is at the crossroads of past and future, and if we have a clear sight of what’s behind us the future seems a bit blurry sometimes, or fantasized. We dream up a new way of living, completely different from the past and pretty much ruled by technology. Flying cars, holograms, robots, what are we heading to?
Maybe this is me trying to hold back to what I know and what makes me comfortable because the unknown seems far too unknown for now.
So I gathered items that were around me and tried to figure out what archeology could look like in a far future. What the message we convey as a civilization would be.
We produce so much more than we need, all these products have to end up somewhere at some point, right? We won’t be the ones finding them.