Mount Ararat, is, has always been and will always be the most important symbol for Armenians across the world. Now unreachable from the Armenian side of the border, Ararat is where Noah’s ark allegedly landed according to the Bible. Its picture is present if nearly all -if not all- Armenian homes no matter where they are. Since the shift of the border in 1921 Ararat has been on Turkish land resulting in the whole community’s heartache, resentment and fantasy.
This loss has led to an over representation of the mountain, in homes, but not only, and through every item conceivable. Chocolat, alcohol, candy brand, football team, bank, there are no limits to what can be named after the mountain, almost in an attempt to be overflown with it, to compensate for the fact that if I can be clearly seen from Yerevan -the capital- it cannot be reached, it doesn’t belong to us anymore. For the past few years I have been collecting items named after Ararat, building myself an archive for the wide range of representation of one of the most important symbol at the cornerstone of my identity.