Lucie Khahoutian


Lucie Khahoutian is an Armenian visual artist born in 1990 in Yerevan.
She graduated from Minas Avetysyan school of Fine Arts in 2010 and received a Fine Arts Degree from the American University of Armenia in 2012.
Lucie's body of work aspires to build encounters between western contemporary visual culture and strong traditional Armenian references.
Her works approaches a wide range of topics while being very focused on cultural heritage, caucasian identity and memory. 
Involving both her background and elements of her current life, she weaves a visual tapestry of her surroundings and works on visual narratives in which occident and orient coexist smoothly.
Going back and forth between collage and photography she plays with the idea of illustrating the magic or the ungraspable and the fading of memory. 
She was recently a finalist of The New Vanguard Prize and Les Voies Off in Arles and the winner of the Emerging Talents Prize in Roma, Italy.
In 2017 she was a winner of Krakow Photo Month and Finalist during Hyères Photo festival and the Cosmos Award in Arles. Her work has been exhibited internationally through collective exhibitions and art fairs. She is currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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