Lucie Khahoutian

b. 1990

Lucie Khahoutian is an Armenian visual artist born in 1990 in Erevan, Armenia.

She graduated from Minas Avetysyan school of Fine Arts 

in 2010 and received a Fine Arts Degree from the American University of Armenia in 2012

Lucie's collages aspire to create enriching encounters between western contemporary visual culture and strong traditional Armenian references.

Her works approach a wide range of topics while being very focused on religion, spirituality, and mystical matters.
She is currently living in Tbilissi (Georgia) 

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She has been exhibited in the United States and across Europe. Her work is published in  Dazed, The Calvert Journal, It's Nice That, Vogue France, Vogue Italy, Cheek Magazine, Amuse, i-D, Another, among many other.