Lila Khosrovian



Lila Khrosrovian graduated from Amasia Art school 2008 and majored in Photography and Fine Arts from Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts  in 2012. 

Lila's work and research is very much focussed on documenting nature in all its forms. Fascinated by the encounter between organic and artificial she works on documenting the various representation of nature and more especially the manmade take on it, in zoos or museums for example. Through the systematic use of flash -that confers both an artificial light and plastic like textures-, she blurs the border between fake and real and forces us to look twice on things we underrate and take for granted. 
Growing up in a very remote part of the Armenian countryside she learned to attache great attention to her organic surroundings. 

Active both in animal rights and nature protection organizations, she uses her commission works to highlight the wonders of the nature around us and the way its presence -and our lack of care- affects our daily lives. 

Lila relocated in California where she often works in National Parks. 

She currently lives in Los Angeles.

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