La Valeur Evocative

Camille Lévêque

2016 - Ongoing

Any photographer, I guess, is obsessed with details,

patterns and visual connotations.

In this series, I gather elements of both pictures I've taken

or vernacular photography from my own personal archive.

Looking at these images more closely, various elements catch my eye.

Working in diptychs bouncing off one another,

I highlight parts of the images that had a strong visual appeal

and numerous connotations.

Like visual vestiges, neglected, underrated elements of the picture

are now brought to light and given a new purpose.

They are no longer a part of a bigger image, they become the image itself.

Out of context, these frozen moments are transcended

instead of becoming tainted.

Images can be fascinating - their evocative potential turns them

into sorts of visual Madeleines de Proust.

A tiny fragment of image resonates with greater strength

and wakes up buried memories.

Illustrating my visual obsessions,

these close-ups are the rebirth of overlooked photographs.