La Fidélité Des Images

Marguerite Horay

2014 - 2015

Mountain mourned, what’s now blood and heat
Will become – merely misery.

Mountain mentioned she would not release
Us, or with another let you be.

Mountain mourned, what’s now the world

and Rome Will become – merely smoke.
Mountain mentioned we were to be with
Other people (I don’t envy those folk!)
Mountain mourned the awful burden
Of a vow it’s too late to vow.

Mountain mentioned, duty and passion – That Gordian Knot is ancient now. Mountain mourned our mourning – Tomorrow! not now! when above brows There’s no longer memento, just mori! Tomorrow when we’ll understand.

A sound...as if somebody’s simply – Well...crying nearby?

Mountain mourned that singly, we Must descend through the mire – Into life, which, as we all know, is a: Mob – marketplace – barracks.

Also she mentioned that all mountain Poems are written like that.

Marina Tsvetaeva, Mountain Poem Translated by Diana Lewis Burgin