Ina Lounguine

b. 1993

Ina Lounguine is a Ukrainian visual artist.

She was born in 1993 in Odessa.


Youngest child in a family of social activists and intellectual,

she has been raised with great curiosity and awereness.

Ina’s body of work aims to trigger political and social debates and encourage dialogue. With visual metaphors she creates scenery for matters she wishes to bring attention to, such as racism, drug use, gun violence among others. Her work questions the relationship between perception and reality through the use of misleading images. Blending various kind of imagery and also working with video and sounds she aims to push the role of the photographic medium and play with its boundaries. .
Ina is currently based near Lyon, in France.

She has been exhibited all through Europe and her work is featured in various publications such as Libération, Dazed and Confused, Recens Paper, Format Magazine, Der Grief, Zeit Magazine, Amuse, It's Nice That, Another...