An analysis in four chapters, In Search Of The Father represents five years of research around the father figure.

What do our fathers, symbols of virility, strength, and stability represent? What about the oppressors, abusers, authoritarians? What is their role, and has that role changed in our modern societies? What about the single mothers, the same-sex parents, the stepfathers, the fathers-in-law? 

From the solemn Holy Father to an ongoing fight against patriarchy - who is this complex, idealized, provoked, respected character and how does he influence our identity?

I lay out questions while suggesting diverse interpretations through the use of satirical, tender, or off the wall images. No judgment is ventured, no interpretation is set, no answer is given.

Sometimes troubling oppressor, sometimes reassuring protector, I shape the different faces of the father, but also point out his absence.

Beyond the interest for the father figure in Psychology studies, my research reaches out to the representation of the father in commercials and movies or, in broader terms, in society and politics with the figure of Josef Stalin, also known as ‘the little father of the people’. 

Blending a cheeky tone with an in-depth academical approach, I question the impact of this paternal figure (as well as its absence) on us children, and particularly daughters.

2014 - 2020

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