Charlotte Fos


Charlotte Fos is a Canadian visual artist born in 1990 in Montreal. 

She graduated from Concordia  Faculty of Fine Arts and received a degree in Design Studies in 2010 and a MA in Digital Arts with honors  in 2013.

Charlotte's works usually take the form of compulsive studies around themes that she is obsessed with. Passionate collector, she investigates the possibilities of multiple narratives and build series of variations often searching for the origin and meaning of the topic she builds her study on. Her primary focus is on Greco-Roman's era and aesthetics from which she takes her inspiration and builds visual resonances with contemporary items. Almost alike an archeologist, she digs through the past in search of similarities to maybe find meaning in our sometimes chaotic take on production and use and highlight a silver lining in our common history. 
Very much interested in digital progress she mocks the hecticness of modern technology and medias while questioning our ability to function without these new tools we now seem to depend on. She is currently based in Montréal, Québec.

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