Charlotte Fos

b. 1990

Charlotte Fos is a Canadian visual artist born in 1990 in Montreal. 


She graduated from Concordia- Faculty of Fine Arts
and received a degree in Design in 2010 and in Digital arts in 2013.


Charlotte's works usually take the form of compulsive studies around themes
that she is obsessed with. 

Passionate collector, she is always in the search for multiples possibilities around the same picture and likes to decline different versions of one body of work. 

Very much interested in digital spaces, she is currently working on Digital Communications, project in which she mocks the hecticness of modern media. 

With Latin Studies, she plays with settings for one of her fondest passions: Greek and Roman Arts.


She is working on several upcoming projects gathering all these influences, whether it be animated gifs, or the Vapor Wave visual identity. 

Her works have been exhibited across Europe and published  in Contemporiste, Paint By Number, Dazed, Heaps, The 405, 

It's nice that, Another, i-D among others.