Anna Hahoutoff


​Anna Hahoutoff is a Russian/French photographer born in 1993 in Paris from a French mother and a Russian Father. She majored from Lviv National Academy of Arts in Art Management in 2012 and in History and Theory of Art 2014.
Anna is currently living between America and Europe and working on a large scale photography project gathering series documenting each American state, searching for similarities and differences in an attempt to build a visual lexicon and understand what ties Americans together. Shooting almost exclusively in digital and color, Anna’s photographs navigate textures, shapes and colors. Far from the ubiquitous American road-trip diary, her work explores almost exclusively nature, voluntarily avoiding human presence and urban settings. 

Playing on repetition, thus suggesting and illustrating her own pace in each state, her scenic, rhythmic series all intertwine and together knit a canvas where her journey seeking spiritualism appear clearly. 
Working as a freelance photographer for the past two years, she's seen her works published worldwide both online and in print.

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