Anna Hahoutoff

2014 - Ongoing

Although I was born the other side of Atlantic ocean,

my heritage was tinted with the power of American imagery.

My eyes bathing in commercials, movies,

and everything else that life was at the time,

bathing in various pieces of a puzzle called the American dream.

Soon I realized everything had a visual appeal, it all seemed arranged

in such proficient order, as if it were standing still for me -

only waiting for a photograph to be taken.

I started working on my largest project so far, entitled Americana,

for which I have spent time photographing and documenting the differences

as well as the similarities between each and every American state.

I like to play on repetition, thus suggesting and illustrating my own pace

in each state. Far from the ubiquitous American road-trip diary,

my work aims to explore an often neglected aspect

of the American landscape that is nature.

I am looking at textures, shapes, colors,

I am talking about matters of spiritual nature, hoping to eventually lift the veil on the mysteries of Native American culture.

I put together series of photographs and document my time meticulously.

The recurrence and mirroring of themes aspire to set a certain rhythm in motion to the photographic works, following my own odyssey, scenic and vibrant alike.







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Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Arizona,

Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina,

Georgia, Ohio, and more California